• Specialized Services

    Trinity's ability to serve as a one stop shop for engineering needs lies in the vast array of services that we are able to provide. We are equipped with conventional machines, CNC machines, a foundry, heat treatment & thermal spray facilities and a large overhauling & fitting section among other specialized processes. To ensure all operations run smoothly we house a team of the most talented engineers and technicians.

  • Construction Services

    Trinity has been offering services to the construction sector since the last 30 years. Services include MEP, dewatering and doors. We provide services from design up to the testing and commissioning phase.

  • Oil Tools & Equipment

    With its diversified range of services, Trinity acts as an one stop shop for major companies and OEM’s in the oil & gas sector. Trinity provides manufacturing and repair services for numerous downhole tools, ancillary equipment, wellhead components and other drilling & production equipment. Trinity also has licenses to produce various products under API 5CT, 6A, 7-1, 8C, 16A and 16C.

  • Marine Equipment

    Trinity offers manufacturing, reconditioning and repairing services for marine & dredging equipment such as propeller shafts, stern tubes, bushes, engines among others.

  • Careers

    At Trinity, we believe that the accomplishment of our mission depends on our employees. We believe that each employee makes a vital contribution to the success of the company, our careers department would be glad to know you better.. We welcome innovative ideas and suggestions that help improve quality, productivity, processes and customer satisfaction and reduce cost and inefficiencies. We hope that you are deliberate in applying for a career with us because you believe that we can work together in achieving each other’s goals.

About Us

With its roots in Dubai, Trinity Holdings has evolved into a leading provider of engineering solutions in the Middle East over the past 30 years. The group has kept pace with ever changing market dynamics by expanding its product and service range, thereby establishing itself as a one stop shop for all engineering needs in numerous industries. With a growth strategy focused on geographical expansion, Trinity Holding’s engineers are able to provide innovative solutions while working side by side with its customers worldwide. The Trinity Holdings profile highlights the products and services provided by each subsidiary. Please browse our company websites below while we continue to make improvements to our web portal.

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Headquartered in Dubai, Trinity Holdings offers the largest variety of products and services to its customers through various subsidiaries in the UAE. With Dubai's growing importance as a global hub, Trinity Holdings is able to service clients all over the world from its base in Dubai.















With India poised to be an economic powerhouse in the future, it is experiencing growth across all industries. Trinity has been quick to recognize the opportunities available in India, particularly in infrastructure, and has mobilized a team of talented engineers to provide a full range of construction services across the country. In addition to the construction activities, the group is also seeking opportunities to invest in various different industries. The group is actively planning to provide mechanical services in India with the help of the technical expertise gained in the UAE.



Trinity Holdings has also established an office in Doha and looks to play a vital part in the growth of Qatar towards the 2020 Olympics. With construction activities activities already in operation, Trinity plans to move closer to its mechanical services clients as well.


Trinity Holdings in collaboration with Oriental Trading Company Ltd., has established Oasis Dewatering Services WLL (ODS), to offer dewatering services in Qatar to support construction activities. The services provided include pump hire, turnkey dewatering project execution and project management. ODS is able to mobilize manpower as well equipment on a short notice with the help of Oasis Pumps Industry in Dubai. Oasis Pumps Industry LLC is the premier indigenous manufacturer of dewatering pumps in the UAE and a leading supplier of dewatering accessories.


As a result of growing worldwide demand, Trinity Mechanical Services LLC has established a branch in Bahrain by the name of Trinity Industrial Services WLL (TIS) within ASRY to cater to vessels that dry dock in the area. This growth can be attributed to the high level of confidence of customers and the commitment of its employees to providing high quality services.

TIS currently offers the following services within Bahrain:

  • Hard Chrome Plating up to a length of up to 4 meters.
  • Electro Plating (Brush Plating)
  • Metal Spray by means of Arc Spray
  • Machining
  • Welding
  • Honing
  • Metal Stitching


With a growing customer base in Oman, Trinity Holdings has established a dedicated team for its Oman operations. The team is currently offering construction and mechanical services in Oman. Trinity's contracting business has successfully completed projects and is establishing a strong reputation matching the one in UAE. Other industries served include marine, dredging, oil & gas, energy and crushers.

Due to the ease of transportation between UAE and Oman, we are able to offer our full range of services from Trinity Holdings to our customers in Oman. We are well poised to provide specialized services for the oil and gas industry such as

  • Thermal spray & electroplating services
  • Manufacturing & reconditioning of down- hole tools, API sheaves, BOP's, Well head equipment, Christmas tree components, casing heads, gate valves, spools and pulsation dampeners
  • Foundry services – ferrous & non-ferrous castings and induction hardening
  • Reconditioning of BOP hoists, gear boxes, mud pump parts, compressor blocks and compressor rotors