Dredger Components

Trinity is an IHC certified facility for manufacture and repair of dredger components. With our in house foundry, Trinity can manufacture dredger components of different shapes and sizes. The below provides a list of components that are manufactured at Trinity.

Dredge Pipes, Elbows: Trinity can fabricate dredge pipes and elbows in carbon steel materials of different lengths and diameters. Our foundry facility can cast liners to be used in these pipes in high quality abrasive and wear resistant materials such as Mohard.

Four way branches, "Y" Shaped Branches: Trinity can fabricate branches in carbon steel materials and cast branches of the same shape in high quality abrasive and wear resistant materials.

Gate Valves: Trinity has fabricated, repaired and tested gate valves used in the dredging industry. Trinity has fabricated gate vales of various sizes.