Ancillary Equipment and Components

Trinity offers repair and/or manufacturing services for various ancillary equipment and components related to oil tools.

Mud pumps

  • Reconditioning of casing, crankshaft and connecting rods
  • Repair and manufacturing of liners, valve covers, wear plates, fluid ends, suction & discharge modules, stuffing boxes, cross heads and piston rods.

BOP hoists

  • Complete overhauling of BOP Hoists with re-certification
  • Manufacturing of all load bearing and rotary components
  • Reverse engineering to fabricate the entire assembly.

Draw works

  • Overhauling of draw works and repairing & manufacturing of individual components

Travelling blocks

  • Snatch blocks - overhauling, repairing and manufacturing of individual components
  • Sheaves

Crown blocks

  • Overhauling of crown block assemblies and repairing & manufacturing of individual components


  • Overhauling of tongs
  • Repair and manufacturing of components
  • Manufacturing of tong dyes


  • Overhauling of elevators and repairing & manufacturing of individual components

Rotary Tables

  • Complete fabrication of rotary tables with all components as per customer designs
  • Overhaul and repair of rotary table and manufacture individual components

Rotary Bushings

  • Master bushings
  • Casing bushings
  • Kelly roller bushings

Offshore units

  • Skips or Skids

    • Fabrication of skips for hydraulic benches, motors, compressors as per customer design.
  • Containers

    • Fabrication or supply of standard containers for storage
    • Customer based modification for office space/work space for offshore locations
  • Winches

    • Fabrication & machining of various types of winch assemblies and its individual components including sprockets, shafts and winch drums
    • Overhauling, repair and reconditioning of complete winch assemblies including repair of its various components.
  • Baskets

    • Design, fabrication and modification of offshore baskets of various sizes and load capacities for safe transportation of tools
  • Mechanical components - Drive train, brake and spooling assemblies

    • Manufacturing of various components such as pins, clevis, screw rods, bearing adaptors and brackets, sprockets, torque adaptors, brake bands, rudders, anchors, supports, covers,  spooling arms, axles, adjustment and alignment rods.


  • Manufacturing of all types of rotary, casing pipe and drill collar slips as per customer specifications
  •  Special heat treatment through QPQ and Induction Hardening processes

Swivel Joints

  • Overhauling of Swivel joints and repairing by welding and machining of ball seating areas, seal areas, replacing of damaged consumables and pressure testing